Hello! My name is Angela O’Neill.

I am the mother of a beautiful 9-year-old girl and a strong advocate of self-care. I eat sleep and breathe growth in health, lifestyle and choice. A year ago, I started a group on Facebook called Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies. I decided to start it for a few close friends to share accountability on our health goals. The page started to grow, and I knew if I was to set an impact of change I would have to be the change. Typical cliché quotes but all so solid! I tried out certain programs and stayed steady for so long and would go back to my old habits. I thought I knew about food enough but what I didn’t realize is how little I knew.

Angela O'Neill - The Conscious Coach - Certified Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss - Edmonton CanadaI met a fantastic individual who is now my business partner and she inspired me to compete in my first natural body building competition. I wanted to take people through a journey that was real. I noticed that in social media world we always see before and after photos and that’s great…. thumbs up! What we fail to see is the in stages in between which include cardio when are brains say no, weight lifting when we feel like we can’t take anymore and rolling up in fetal position. It included not one bite of junk food or one chocolate chip in 4 months. I learned what my body could do if I stayed committed to something and that was unreal. I learned the power of my mind and my will and from that I implemented a new level of love and self-respect for my mind body and soul. Because I struggled for so long with void filling and unhealthy choices… I really appreciated how calm I felt knowing that if I had anything I was working on fixing, it wasn’t my health and it wasn’t my food choices. I learned how to take care of myself, feed myself and stayed consistent with taking quality vitamins. I drank water consistently with physical activity, so I felt confident internally and externally. Prior to this I was making poor choices that were stopping me from functioning at my best. I was not happy with how I felt. I recognize that everyone has their own personal path and idea of what makes them feel comfortable in their own skin. For me, I knew where mine was and has always been, but I kept doing things that were making me feel anxious and finally I had enough. During our competition we were required to take a multi-vitamin and I chose USANA’s after my coach and now business partner recommended it.

I stand behind my word 100% and I will tell you I still feel and felt energetic. I decided I was going to be a Brand Ambassador and that I was going to provide myself with all the tools I could to help other people who desire change in their health and wellness that chance. It takes effort and being prepared with the right tools is key to success in any area. Slice that up with desire and you can change your habits! I believe that. I believe that because I didn’t know what I was capable of until I made the choice to make the changes. My goal is to provide people who think they can and can’t with the opportunity to work with me as their coach. I will show you that it doesn’t matter where you are at or where you came from. What matters is those small choices you make every day. Those are the choices that will bring you closer to feeling energetic and having piece of mind. You matter, and the quality of your life is based on the care we put into ourselves every day.